Monday, August 15, 2011

You know you're a mom when... takes three days of planning just to take a shower. Then your three year old won't sleep during nap time (aka scheduled shower time) causing you to "reschedule" your shower for a more convenient time. spend your birthday money on clothes for your kids.

...quality alone time is a trip to the bathroom where no one knocks on the door wondering what you are doing and if they can please join you.

...a "quick trip to the store" takes a half hour longer than it should because shoes have to be replaced on feet before getting out of the car and the two potty breaks that are needed during the 15 minutes of being in the store. shopping is an acceptable outing for date night.

Humor is what gets me through most of my week. Need to laugh today? Add your "You know your a mom when..." in the comment section below.


Alyssa said...

You know you're a mom when...
You can't shower or go to the ladies room without someone yelling for you.
You send your kids to their room for a quiet hour so you can have a time out.
Apple juice and animal crackers make a tasty snack for you.
You go shopping for stuff for you and come home with stuff only for the kids.
Going to the grocery store alone is relaxing.

Din said...

You have to explain to a child why they don't talk about the size of your bum while in a public restroom stall..
You carry bandaids and medicines and wipes in your car instead of cd's and make-up and feminine products.
You find yourself excited that you accomplished cleaning a whole room.. even when the rest of the house still shows obvious signs of being a child's residence.