Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Works For Me Wednesday: Of Krooked Kastles and Chubby Feet

We live in an old-ish house. I've always loved old houses. They have so much character. Our house has so much character it earned a nickname: The Krooked Kastle. Most people don't really notice how crooked it really is.

The most obvious place downstairs is the kitchen. But it's mostly obvious when something gets spilled. Or when a toddler tries to walk across the floor. They tend to walk into the wall. It's rather humorous.

Upstairs is a different story. The doors don't close properly. And all furniture with wheels tends to gravitate towards one end of the house. Which came in real handy for Hazel when she was still in a crib. She quickly learned how to through her body weight against her crib and skootch it across the floor to her sister's crib on the opposite wall. After a few mornings of finding them crib-to-crib I decided something needed to be done.

After assessing the situation I looked around the house to see what I could use to keep their beds in place. What I settled on was a discarded pair of ruby red shoes that my girls never got to wear because their feet were too chubby. I loved those shoes and always wanted to use them. I took this as my opportunity.

I've had people asked me, "Is her bed wearing shoes?!?" To which I relpy, "Why, yes it is! And they're on the right feet, too!"

The other benefit is that the bed is more level.

There's no place like a Krooked Kastle! And it works for me!

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Rachel said...

That's adorable!! I love the look. Reminds me of a fanciful fairytale like Alice in Wonderland or something!!

Marie C. said...

Love it!!