Monday, July 11, 2011

A Rare Moment Indeed

The Krooked Kastle drama club usually involves a lot of, well...drama! So when we are privy to a moment such as this it is cause for celebration, feasting and a little happy wine!

Which is totally different from the usual feasting and frustration wine. But we aren't here to talk about me. Today.

This is a video I "caught" back in January and some how managed to forget to post. When I found it today there were tears of joy. It's good to be reminded of the sweet times my girls have together.

And aside from the gigantic booger on Amelia's face and the fact that the video abruptly ends as she's about to take a peek at her sisters "bunsy butt," I'd say this is moment is a favorite so far.

In case you can't understand what Amelia is saying she is singing, "Hazo, Hazo. Hazo, Hazo." Which is her then almost two year old version of this song.

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