Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One in Diapers

I realize this kind of information doesn't appeal to all my readers but there is a funny at the end. Happy reading!

It is finished! Kinda.

We kind of had a potty training miracle at our house in the last month. Amelia was really ready to start potty training this last winter. But being 20 month pregnant I didn't have it in me to spend my days sitting on the edge of the tub waiting for her to decide to pee.

About a month ago I finally decided to bite the bullet and put her in her training panties with plastic pants. Of course there were many accidents at first but surprisingly she caught on really fast. There hasn't been a huge struggle or anything. How refreshing.

Wait. Can potty training be refreshing? Weird.

When summer has decided to peek out a few times in the last few weeks I noticed that her panties were always damp feeling but never truly wet. I decided we could ditch the plastic pants since they were suffocating her buns and we've not looked back since.

She has had a few accidents. Mostly when we are busy playing outside.

The blessing was that she was waking up dry at nap time and night time also! Hazel has been potty trained for awhile except at night so I was expecting it would be the same with Amelia.

Anyways, we decided that both girls were ready to potty train at night and so we left them in their undies and for the last three night Amelia has been dry! Hazel had accidents the first two nights but woke up each time. This morning, however, she woke up dry!

I'm so proud of my girls! And equally excited that we only have to buy diapers for Jackson now. Of course the only bummer is that I just bought a new package of diapers for the girls and only used about four of them.

So, this morning as Amelia and I sat enjoying the quiet, we had this conversation.

Amelia was sticking her hand down the back of her underwear. I told her to get her hand out because there are germs down there. She tried looking for them but I told her, "You can't see them!"

She said, "I see dis."


"My cack!"

Have a blessed day, friends!


Jodi said...

haha!! You are so good at writing out what they say - always hilarious. And YAHOO for potty trained children! Only one in diapers is definitely worthy of a celebration!

Anonymous said...

Yay for saving money and Yay-est for milestones! :) Your "fellas" are too, too funny!!!

Rachel said...

Congratulations! And too funny!! :)

Din said...

Ummm, at least she didn't paint with it!!! ;)

pistolsnprincesses said...

Well, she did that a few weeks ago. I was nursing so Nathan had the responsibility to clean it up. He wasn't too thrilled but he did a great job. He's swell.

Hannah said...

YAY!! I'm so so so happy that they're potty trained... and a little sad too... my special little girls are growing up :( I miss them... if you can't tell ;) Give all your gorgeous kids kisses from me :)