Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Til My Sides Hurt: A Hero, A Cat, A Definition And A Dream

Amelia announced to me today that, "Da Bibo save my life."

I sat here thinking how amazing it is that my two year old has somehow been touched by the Bible. As I was about to asked her what about the Bible saved her life she said, "My weel mommy save my life."

Sensing that maybe this was another made up two-year-old conversation that I had just gotten my hopes up about (I'm quick like that) I asked who her real mommy is Hazel chimed in.

"I am her real mommy. And I saved her life. God maked her died and I saved her life."

When I asked for further information I was told that the bad guys tried to "killed" Amelia and Hazel saved her life.

Amelia confirmed this by pointing to Hazel and repeating, "My weel mommy save my life."


Hazel found an imaginary cat the other day. She named him Runo. He hung around for about a half hour. Got into his cat food. Got spanked. Then apparently he got Amelia's heart (as she was sleeping) and Hazel got rid of him.

And then she got a new cat. Imaginary of course. This one was named Roostapher. As she got Dolly-Dolly (her favorite doll) ready to go to the store she kept calling to Roostapher to, "wait for Mommy in the car! We're going bye-bye to buy eggs because we lost ours."

Part of the humor to me was that Abiah, who has had a few imaginary friends for the past 5 years, had a hard time accepting the fact that Hazel had an imaginary cat (or two). He, being so logical himself, tried to convince her that there are no imaginary cats. I reassured him that if HE could have imaginary friends/co-workers his sister could definitely have a few imaginary cats.

Especially since we won't be owning a real one anytime soon...


As they were wrestling together, Hazel called Hot Hubby a jungle gym the other day. When I asked her if she even knew what a jungle gym was she replied, "Yes. It's a toilet seat."

When we all erupted laughing she caught on to her accidental humor and started calling Hot Hubby a toilet seat. After they argued back and forth about whether or not he is truly a toilet seat, Hot Hubby countered with, "I'm not a toilet seat!... You're a Drama Queen!"

Hazel froze. Threw herself on the floor. And started to cry.

Not at ALL proving his point...

Then through her tears she said, "If you call me a Drama Queen again I'm going to be dramatic!"

There are days when puberty feels closer than it should.


During dinner Amelia casually told me about her recent dream. Usually these stories are brought on by her listening to Hazel and Abiah talk about their dreams and Amelia's dream stories just sound like two-year-old gibberish. This one surprised us.

"Mom, in my deems...I got new one...Po Pet (Pillow Pet) kind."

I don't think she even knows they make those. But, then again, I thought I was her real mom, so what do I know...


Jodi said...

"There are days when puberty feels closer than it should." - ha ha ha! Love these stories!

Amanda Todd said...

Hahahaha! I really do love these stories! I love "if you call me a Drama Queen, I'm gonna be dramatic!" lol That's something I would say! lol

~elisa smith said...

Your girls are too funny...i think Hazel speaks for all "feelas"(as Tato refers to women-folk)...we don't care to be called what we know we are :) Btw, your blog is much fun!