Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flippin' Day

Warning: This post may contain a few "Lady Details." Enter at your own risk!

Yesterday was Jackson's Flip Day. We loaded our van with all our gear just in case we ended up having a baby and headed to the doctor appointment. I drove so Hot Hubby could eat his lunch. And so my blood pressure would stay at a healthy rate.

I don't know why, but Hot Hubby's driving has been freakin' me out as of late. My distress could be from the two accidents I've been in the last two years. Or it could be from Hot Hubby's insistence that "too close" is bumper on bumper. Literally. This is especially exciting when the person behind us has the same driving standards as Hot Hubby.

Exciting meaning: I'm about to kick a hole in the passenger side floor board.

But I digress.

So, on the way to the hospital we: Drove through a hail storm. Came upon a road block and had to turn around. Went back through the hail storm. Took the windier route. Came across a bigger hail storm. Slowed down to a crawl to avoid sliding in the snow-like hail. And arrived ten minutes late. But we had fun on the way!

And since I was driving it was Hot Hubby's turn to have blood pressure problems.

While we waited for the Doctor I asked Hot Hubby what his prayer was for the day. He told me that he was praying that our Little Mister would already be turned and that everything else would be just fine.

As well as praying for Jackson to turn we've been telling Jackson that he needed to be obedient and turn.

"Did you just boss an unborn child?!"

"It is never too early to learn manners!"

Name that movie!

Within a few minutes of the doctor coming in he announced that he could do this version in his sleep because Jackson was/is vertex. Which means he is in the right position!

We were so relieved! Not only did we avoid the discomfort of the version and possible c-section, but there's a possibility that since this baby is being obedient in utero he might carry that over into his childhood...possibly.

I realize this dream of mine has a slim chance of survival but what are we if we can't dream?!?

Since Jackson was still so high there is still the possibility of him turning again. We are now praying for him to stay in this position but to move down.

My midwife also suggested that we try induction while he's head down. I'd rather avoid a hospital induction so I am trying all the home remedies I know of or that have been suggested to me.

My favorite so far is eating a raspberry sundae. I suppose that idea comes from using red raspberry leaf tea to induce labor. Either way, I'm willing to try both!

What are some methods you've used or heard of to induce labor?


Yilly said...

Raising Helen? And you make me laugh :)

Anonymous said...

The same method used to get pregnant helps to get un-pregnant, or so I have been told.

Rachel said...

I drank so much raspberry tea - it's just not even funny. I jogged our stairs. I jumped. I did squats. I did EVERYTHING.

What finally worked? Eating a delicious steak and walking around Target. Or at least that's the last thing I did before I went into labor...

pistolsnprincesses said...

Steak sounds good and I LOVE Target. I've heard that all this natural stuff is good but it really works when your body is ready. I'll find out Tuesday if it's at least helping. I really just need to remember that I still have a week and a half left. I'm so impatient!

Amanda Todd said...

I learned yesterday from two different sources that Pineapple works!

So did they still have to turn him a bit and did it hurt?

I'm so nervous about mine on Tuesday.

Did you do the spending a lot of time on hands and knees thing? I'm having a hard time with that because I think I have a muscle tear in my belly and it hurts to do that.

I'm so excited that you guys are so close to the end!! I can't wait to see this little man!

Amanda Todd said...

Oh I also heard acupuncture or pressure but only if your body is ready so idk.

Someone on my birth month board posted this section of an article that said a recent study found that there is a chemical reaction in the baby's brain just before labor starts. So it's true when they say "he'll get here when he's ready" lol. The article said if they can understand it better maybe they can then prevent things like pre-term labor.

pistolsnprincesses said...

Funny. I heard that pineapple helps put you into labor. I ate a lot of pineapple a few weeks ago but it was after he had turned. I did try to spend time on my hands and knees but it was very uncomfortable and I don't have the extra fluid you have. They didn't have to do anything with Jackson. He was already turned and so far he's stayed that way. They will still do an ultrasound when I check in but I think he's still head down. I can't wait to see him either and show him off to everyone.