Monday, April 4, 2011

'Til My Sides Hurt: Disgusting Boys Edition

Hazel and Amelia were taking a bubble bath the other day. While they entertained themselves with the tub full of bubbles I started cleaning the bathroom. Shortly after they saw what I was doing they asked for wash cloths and when they got them promptly starting "scrubbing" the tub. As they "cleaned" they complained:

Hazel: "Abiah, maked a big mess! He's so gross! Boys are skusting!"

Amelia: "Biah. Make. Mess. Scusing!"

H: "He always makes a mess!"

A: "Make. Mess!"

H: "Boys are so gross!"

A: "Boys. Gos!"

H: "Ugh! Abiah maked a big mess! And I have to clean it up! He's so skusting!"

A: "Keen. Up. Mess! Scusing!"

H: "Boys is so gross, Mom!"

A: "Boys. Gos. Mom."

I told Abiah that I was sorry he was the one to take all the blame for the messes, but tried to encourage him by reminding him that the girls have NO idea what messes Jackson will be making soon. I think they'll be more disgusted by those messes then the ones Abiah presumably made.


Hazel was wearing her sparkle shoes that have a strap across the top of the foot. When she took her shoe and sock of to show me the lines that the straps were making she said, "Look, Mom! I'm a demon!"

I think she meant to say she had an indent.


Amanda Todd said...

Omgosh how funny! I cannot WAIT until my sons get to the talking age!

Rachel said...

Hilarious!! Too cute.