Thursday, March 17, 2011

How A Night Or Two Became A Week And A Half

The weekend before last was supposed to be a laid back weekend. Aside from the mile long nesting list I'd compiled we had nothing planned. However, since Hot Hubby has developed an allergic reaction to my to-do lists, we spent the day hanging out at home basking in the laziness of the day.

In the evening I did manage to get one item marked off my list: haircuts for the men folk! Abiah was starting to look too Beiber-ish and Hot Hubby's do that I had convinced him into was failing. It isn't my fault that the back of his hair does exactly what I want it to and the front doesn't cooperate AT ALL!

Abiah was more than pleased to get his hair cut. Hot Hubby put up a bit of a fuss but that may have been because of the momentary mullet I gave him when I first started cutting! (pics to come later!)

Little did we know that while we were innocently going about our normal lives an evil plan was unfolding right under our feet. Well, right outside the front window actually.

After the whacking of hair was completed and everyone had bathed we discovered that the fit had hit the shan. Or rather, the mit had hit the shud. Well, let's face it. Poo by any other name is still poo. In short the Crooked Castle had some septic problems.

Without getting into the nitty-gritty details (eww! sorry!) of that mess here's an overview of what our week-and-a-half ended up looking like:

We decided to abandon the Crooked Castle and headed to the in-laws after church on Sunday to stay the night, maybe two. The in-laws are more than happy to have us. My MIL loves to have us stay with her and my FIL loves that we brought the Xbox. Oh. And he was happy to have us stay, too.

Monday we had the line unplugged but they discovered a crack in the line. Apparently 50 year old pluming pipes made of material older than dinosaurs don't last forever!

The MIL and I spend our days looking after the kid's, nursing a dog recovering from surgery, keeping said kids away from said dog, and trying to carry on with life as normally as possible.

Hot Hubby decides the best course of action is to find the break himself. (ew!) A break in a septic line means you're not just digging in dirt! (EW!)

Wednesday Hot Hubby heads home to find the break. I head to the chiropractor to get a massage and adjustment since I can barely walk. Though my MIL is hospitality all wrapped up in a pretty package, I've turned all "The Queen and the Pea" and have a severe disagreement with the mattresses on her guest beds. I know because I tried them both! My hips thank me.

Friday the kids and I make a date with my mom to go shopping and register for Jackson at Target! We find the perfect homecoming outfit and blanket for him and have a great time with my mom.

Hot Hubby and the FIL come out to the Crooked Castle and dig some more to completely uncover the line. (ew! double ew!)

At this point I've resigned myself to the fact that I probably won't be home again until Monday.

Saturday a call is made to the plumbers. We are told they'll be out Monday. I decide I'll plan to stay until Tuesday.

I enjoy watching my kids dance to Mary, Mary with their Poppi. I wish I had a video camera with me!

Hot Hubby and I have some significant time together to talk about our marriage and work through a few issues. We receive great council and support from both of our parents.

Sunday we receive a call that the line is fixed.

We decide to head home Monday.

We wake up Monday and Amelia has come down with the flu.

I spend Monday and Tuesday on the floor and the couch holding her. My prego hips withstand more torture.

Abiah takes advantage of me being distracted with Amelia and enjoys a few days of too much tv and Xbox.

Hazel takes advantage of me being distracted with Amelia and gets into EVERYTHING!

My MIL chases Hazel throughout the house for me, makes meals and keeps us all in clean clothes. Seriously. The woman is a machine! She does laundry ALL day! My laundry room is IN my living room and I can't keep up with it.

Wednesday morning Amelia was finally able to keep some food down and seemed relatively normal.

Hot Hubby heads back to the Crooked Castle before me and the kids and cleans the house for me. Unexpectedly leaving your house for a week and a half has consequences no pregnant woman wants to deal with. I tried to prepare the house but there's only so much you can do without running water! And I only expected to be gone a night or two!

We all were home by Wednesday afternoon and my comfy bed and I were reacquainted just in time for naps! My hips haven't stopped thanking me.

We are so thankful to be back home but we know we couldn't have gotten through this last week without our families.

It feels insufficient to just say "Thank You" so I promise that if I ever win the lottery I will split my earnings with both of our parents. I think that's the only way I'll ever have enough money to repay you. In the meantime, please accept me bragging on you as a substitution?

Oh, and I apologize to those Oregonians who don't want anymore rain. I'm praying for it right now because a portion of my front yard is covered in dirt mixed with...well, you know.


Marie said...

WOW, what a time! Okay, God can give you rain for a day or two...but then I'm praying He'll give me sun. We can share weather. It's okay.

Jodi said...

Great post Shiree! Sorry about the stinky problem however, ewww is right!