Friday, February 11, 2011

Prenatal Update: 28/29 Weeks

A week ago today I went in for my 28 week prenatal appointment. I still can't believe I'm this close to my due date. In most ways these last six months have gone very fast. Jackson and I are doing great.

I received the results from my glucose test and I passed with flying colors. The only concern is my iron levels which, if I remember right, I had to pay attention to with the girls, too. I guess it's a good thing I have a lot of elk in my freezer!

I was worried about my weight because I was suddenly feeling very pregnant. The midwife laughed when I told her that. Up until the last few weeks I kept forgetting I am pregnant. Being so busy with my other three kids has contributed to that memory loss I'm sure. I was relieved when she told me I have gained a total of 11 lbs so far. Since my appointment I have tried to avoid mindless snacking and I am feeling so much better.

My cravings are for "man foods." Lots of meat and potatoes and onions. Why onions? I don't understand that one. I also had a strong craving for a milkshake this week. It seems that most of my cravings are random.

I had a craving for these caramels topped with sea salt that someone told me about. When I went to the store to get them I found out that they only carry them during the Christmas holidays. After wandering around the store to see if I could find anything that could fill its place, I left pouting and disappointed. Then I went to my mom's and complained to her and asked for her caramel recipe. I still don't have the recipe but she did help me make the caramels. And they were scrumptious! I am so her favorite!

I realize that I promised a picture after last month's update and have yet to deliver on that promise. I would jump up and take one now but I am fighting an awful head cold and don't really feel photogenic at the moment.

I can assure you that my tummy is growing. Hazel and Amelia have a very hard time getting comfortable sitting in my lap. Hazel just gives up and will sit next to me. Amelia insist on doing her kitty cat roll and will flop and turn until she feels comfortable. Which usually leaves me in the most uncomfortable and squished position possible. If it was a once a day occurrence I would probably not even notice. But she sits on my lap for about 2 minutes and then gets down to play and is back in about 5 minutes for another round. She needs to be close to her momma. I wonder how this will work when I'm nursing.

Jackson is moving a lot now. I can watch his movement through my shirt. Hot Hubby has had many a shoving match with Jackson already. Usually in the early morning. When I'm trying to sleep.

Hazel and Abiah have both felt him move but Hazel has been very hesitant to hold her hand on my tummy to feel his kicks. I was kind of sad about this for awhile. When I asked her why she didn't want to feel him she said, "I don't want him to kick me!" Word choice matters!

I am definitely nesting. I have a list of projects on the fridge and I am hoping to rope Hot Hubby into working through a few of them this weekend. I realized that I need to go register soon. I completely forgot about that!

I have a few boxes of hand-me-downs from family so we are pretty set for 0-3 month clothes but there are a few bigger items that we need to get before he gets here.

Since he will be in our room for the first few months and then in the same room as his sisters for awhile I don't have a nursery to show you. But you can go here to see the crib set we've chosen. Super cute, huh?

I go back in the last Friday of this month and then I start going in every two weeks! So close!

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