Friday, February 19, 2010

The Cure For The Common Case Of Blogeria

So. I've shared my problem off and on of feeling like I have nothing to write and then it's like the floodgates open and I have three or four posts in a few days. I thought I had it figured out a few months back. But I was wrong. But only partially wrong.

Today I accidentally stumbled upon the answer. For those with blogspots anyways.

When you write a new post there is an option on the bottom left hand corner labeled Post Options. If you click on it you will find a place where you can reset the date and time. Once you've set it for your preferred time click the orange Publish Post button and Vwalla! Your post will be posted at the time you've set.

I'm smart. I know. Snapping my bra straps and patting myself on the back right about now.

I am aware that some of my fellow bloggers may have had this figured out long ago. But I would appreciate it if you would just go along with this so I can look good. And so I don't have to walk around in a state of drastic depression over the next few days. My emotional stability rests in your hands. Thank you. You are so gracious.

1 comment:

Steadyongal said...

Naw.. you deserved your bra straps to be snapped! Good find you techno savvy 20 something!