Thursday, February 18, 2010

Checker Games, A Potty Mouth, And Poopy Pants

Tonight Abiah and I sat down to play checkers. As he went to get the board he laughed as he proudly shared that when he plays checkers by himself he always wins. I laughed to myself as he finished getting the board and we started our game.

Our game didn't last long and Abiah seemed shocked that I won. Then he explained/confessed.

"Well, maybe it's because usually when I play against Trucka (his imaginary co-worker/friend) I move all the pieces so I can jump Trucka's pieces." He laughed and then continued, "You know on Bob the Builder when they play checkers and say, 'Yeah, Lofty! The checkers champ!' Well, I say, 'Yeah, Abiah! The checkers champ!'"


During our checkers game when Abiah saw that I was winning he exclaimed, "Oh sh@#!" To be sure I'd heard correctly I asked him what he said and he told me he accidentally said, "Oh shed!"

While stifling laughter I told him not to use that word and it's not "shed" anyways. (I didn't tell him the real word for fear that he'd get it right one day soon)

He could see me trying not to laugh and after he told me where he learned it ( thank you Daddy!) he said, "Don't start calling me that."

I laughed even harder. Mostly because I was picturing myself getting upset at him and yelling, "You little shed!" It's funny in my head. Sad but true.

Then Abiah let me know he was going to add it to his "list". A list I hadn't heard of. Especially since he really doesn't know how to read or spell very well. After I asked he told me that since he likes XBOX he wrote his name as XBOX Abiah on his school work today. By this time I was unashamedly cracking up. I can just see tomorrow's school work: XBOX shed Abiah. Oh dear. So much for homeschooling.


Hazel is potty training and doing really well. She stays dry almost all day and sometimes even through her nap time. Her biggest problem so far is going poo in the toilet. I've tried to watch for the "signs" and hurry her into the potty. But to no avail.

The other day she woke up from a nap stinky and I asked, "Hazel, did you poop your diaper?"

"No", she said.

"Well, then who pooped your pants?"

"Maga did."


Steadyongal said...

I smiled through reading the whole post.. and then "Maga"... bwahahaaha! That caused laughing! Your son is soooooo much reminding me of his father and grandfather in the way he explains things. Too funny!

Hannah said...

Laughing laughing laughing!!

LaFonda Dunlap said...

Too funny, well I don't know if I should comment her or save it for Abiah's daddy.... It makes one wonder why Nathan would be be saying "OH Shed"? Then I remembered, he was home schooled too!
Now for Hazel, that kid can't keep a secret!