Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Hope They Remember

I know throughout the day I say things like this over and over:
"I said, NO!"
"Don't hit your sister!"
"Don't hit your brother!"
"Get out of the fridge."
"Get off the table."
"Stop asking me questions...PLEASE!"
"Go to bed."
"Because I said so!"
"Say, 'Yes, momma!'"

Well, you get the point. But what I hope they remember me saying is this:
"I love you!"
"You are soooo adorable."
"You are my favorite Abiah."
"You are the smartest."
"You make me happy."
"You are my favorite Hazel."
"Come love on me."
"Let's snuggle."
"You are my favorite Amelia."
"You did an amazing job!"
"You are the best thing that ever happened to me."
"You are my sunshine."

It's been busy these past few months and I'm trying to remember to take time to sit and enjoy my kids because sometimes it feels like all I do is correct, discipline and train. And I need the snuggles just as much as they do.

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LaFonda said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing heart with me. Love you, mom