Monday, June 4, 2012

The After

So, Friday we left off with empty cupboards, pantry, and fridge. Because Hazel woke up sick Thursday morning I had to change my plans for Friday. HH ended up staying home with the older three kids while Jackson and I took off around noon to do our grocery shopping with my mom. We had a fun but crazy day.

We left our house about 20 minutes before noon. When we got to my parents my mom was on the phone so we went inside, chatted a bit with my dad, listened in on my mom's phone call, and had some crackers. When we left my mom's house we went into the town near by to go to the bank and to get gas. After we were done there we stopped at the local fruit stand on the way into town. Then we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we hit Target, Trader Joe's, Winco, Starbucks (for all the hard work), and finally Costco. It was after six when we left Costco and I'm so glad I picked up a few of their deli pizzas because I was pooped! I still had two stores to get a few random items at but decided to hold off because, if you remember, my family was at home with nothing to eat!

Happy Fridge!
Happy Cupboard #1!

Happy Cupboard #2!

Happy pantry!
Happy fruit corner and extra happy hot tamale jar!

 Tomorrow I'll let you know what I've planned for our meals!


Mel Mell said...

Love happy kitchens!!! And I'm impressed every day that I see you accomplishing things like making your kitchen happy again.... seeing as you have 4 kids!! I'm struggling to keep my kitchen from getting grumpy with 3 kids and people bringing me food! Haha. So you are basically amazing. :) (but you knew that right???)

pistolsnprincesses said...

Melissa! You JUST had a baby! When mine was little my kitchen wasn't happy all the time and if it was the rest of my house wasn't. And most of the time other people were making my kitchen AND the rest of my house happy for me! You just rest and enjoy that sweet little bundle and those cute boys. Dishes and laundry and meals can hold off and hubbies can lend an extra hand for a while. Life will find a new normal eventually. You are amazing too. But you know that, right?

Jon and Vicki Marney said...

I remember going on those kind of shopping trips w/ your mom when she was cooking for the school--we had fun! Now, since we are never home, my cupboards are usually pretty sad. As soon as we get home, we will buy about what we need for the week, before heading out again, and then it is all up to Thad what he wants to do (which is usually bring home stuff from Domino's, where he works. LOL I LOVE that your fridge & cupboards look so clean and organized, whether they are sad or happy--keep up all the good work!