Saturday, January 28, 2012

A REALLY Messy House

Today I told the girls that they needed to vacuum before we played games. I assure them that was the only thing needed to be done and then encouraged them to to their task quickly so we had plenty of play time. Apparently they decided our house needs much more attention because they started listing all the things that we would need to do before we could play.

The serious looks on their faces were enough to send me into a fit of giggles. With all the authority they could muster they began,

Hazel: "First we need to vacuum. Then we need to suck up all the dirt in the bathroom!"

Amelia: "We need wass winows!"

H: "We need to suck up the lamps to! Because they have dirt!"

A: "We need clean up Gason (Jackson's) dumping sing (Johnny Jump-up)."

H: "And we need to clean up all the crap!"

Me: "What?! Don't use that word, Hazel."

H: "Crap means there is lots of piles of stuffs all over our house!"

And here I was, excited that I had actually kept up on housework this week!


Jodi said...

Hahaha - just like kids to deflate ya like that!

Mel Mell said...

Ahhhhahahaha! Love kids!

LaFonda Dunlap said...

Lol! Nice to see that Hazel knows what crap means!!!
Very cute kids you've got there!!