Monday, January 30, 2012

I think I'm on to something here...

First. A little history/back story. Just so this makes a little more sense.

We attend a super small home church out in the almost middle of nowhere. We don't meet in the same house every week. We like to switch it up between about four or five different houses of the attendees. We either have really short attention spans or we just like to be confusing. Or both. One of the houses we meet in is the one my parents share with our friends


This last Sunday our church was meeting at my parents house. Being that it's like a second home and that I knew we were staying for lunch after church, I decided to dress down this week. Dressing down isn't very different from normal church clothing since since the normal garb is jeans and a nice shirt.

I was going for comfy so I pulled out my black yoga pants and wore them with a blue and grey flannel shirt/white long sleeve t-shirt combo. I've been trying to avoid the frumpy mommy look and so I've not let myself wear yoga pants outside the house very often. (Taking Abiah to music class is about the only time it's been personally acceptable lately.) I felt like I was still presentable since my hair was done up, make up was on, and I had made sure to wear my good yoga pants. Not the ones that look like a mouse has chewed them up.

Surprisingly I wasn't self-conscious of my wardrobe choice. I was comfortable and that was good enough I suppose. I felt that my appearance rating was comfy/cute.

Here's the funny part. This week three different people came up to me and complimented my appearance. No one actually mentioned my pants, but still.

So, maybe yoga pants aren't so bad after all...?

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Marie C. said...

Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one! This year for the first time I've allowed myself to wear my good yoga pants in public (with hair and make-up fixed...most of the time, at least). I keep wondering if I'm letting myself go or if it's okay. No one's said anything to me, though, so maybe that's my clue... ;-)