Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Til My Sides Hurt: Hazel Edition

A few days after attending a friend's graduation party where Hazel stuck to the older girls like glue she had this conversation with me:

Hazel: Mom, remember Sassy Sarah? She's the one who wanted to swing. There was another Sarah. She's the one who was hanging upside down.

Me: Why do you call her Sassy Sarah?

Hazel: Because she wanted to swing. There are lots of Sarah! One and two and five!


A few weeks before Jackson was born Marlys, who is a dear friend on mine, stopped by to give me a beautiful handmade quilt for Jackson. Well, in her 30 minute visit Marlys made a huge impression on Hazel. She hasn't stopped mentioning her to us. She even named one of her dollies Marlys.

Well, this last week while Hot Hubby was out at the grill making dinner the girls were running around the yard playing house (and I was thanking God for the break!). Hot Hubby told me that he kept hearing Hazel call for Carlys and realized she was calling for Amelia who was running away. After a few minutes of this chase going on in the yard Amelia stopped by Nathan and said, "Dad, I Meya Roof."

"Yes, you are." he reassured her as she ran off to hide from her sister.

During dinner I heard the story and got to witness Amelia being chased and tormented by her older sister calling her Carlys. I explained that the name was probably influenced by Hazel's admiration of Marlys but it didn't seem to matter to Amelia. She kept telling her sister, "I Meya Roof!"

At one point when I corrected Amelia, Hazel jumped to her defense saying, "Hey! Don't be mean to Carlys!"

After awhile I asked, "Hazel, how do you spell Carlys?"

"Ummm, T-H-double!"


As I was getting ready to go to out for a Ladies night Hazel informed me she was going to. When I told her she was too young she said, "But Mom! I'm the prettiest girl!"


Hazel quote: "I'm afraid in the dark. Yeah, cuz, cuz it's not much better in the dark. It's much better when it's light and pretty."


Hazel, when explaining her daily activities to me:

I dust wake up... and get dressed... and come down stairs... and brush my hair... and have brefest...and get stuffs ready for tomorrow...and, and then I go to the park. And I drive. I know how to drive now, Mom, because I can reach the counter. Mom, when I was little and 25 I didn't reach the counter so I didn't know how to drive.


Hazel: Mom, can I have a pencil?

Me: No. You aren't supposed to color in books.

Hazel: But! I need to write more words so, so, so God will be happier about it.


Mel Mell said...

L.O.L. !!!!!

Hannah said...

read this out loud to the fam... we were all cracking up!! Ur curly-haired princess is too too cute for words!!