Friday, June 3, 2011

I Had the Perfect Day!

I woke early. Since all the kids were still asleep I slipped downstairs for some quiet time and coffee followed by a quick 20 minute exercise video. Abiah woke up shortly after my video finished and I asked him to sit quietly in the living room and read while I took a shower, knowing that if the girls were to wake they could join him and be supervised.

Sure enough a few minutes later when I got out of the shower I heard their little voices coming from the other room. Getting dressed I went out and brought them each a cup of milk and put a video on for them to enjoy while I finished getting myself ready for the day and prepared breakfast.

With breakfast out of the way I took the girls back upstairs to get them dressed and instructed Abiah to do the same himself. After they were all dressed I woke Jackson for his morning feeding and had the kids start their chores, or as we call them responsibilities.

When Jackson was finished eating and was changed and dressed I helped the girls finish their tasks as Abiah got started on his school work. He only has a few things to do as the school year is almost over.

The day went by smoothly by comparison to the days preceding it.

Play time. Lunch. Clean up. Nap. Snack time with another video. More play time. Time with Daddy while Mommy does a few tasks and starts dinner.

Dinner was delicious. The kids ate fairly well and then Abiah and I cleaned the kitchen while Nathan held Jackson and helped the girls clean up their toys.

After a book, brushing teeth and putting on pajamas I sang to the kids and we had kisses and hugs. As I turned out the light, shut the door and passed a few more wishes for a good night along to my kids I thought, "Yes. This was a good day. Perfect in fact."

A perfect my dreams!

To be continued...


~elisa smith said...

aaaw, happy tears for you!!! You sure made my the golden sunshine outside, your post said, "good morning" to my day! Thanks for sharing!!!

pistolsnprincesses said...

Lol. Well...I wasn't serious. That's what I meant by "In my dreams!" Like I told Summer, it's more of a wish than an actual dream. Glad that I made you smile but hope that it doesn't go away now. :)