Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Til My Sides Hurt: A New Song, A Warning and An Observation

Hazel made up a song this weekend that: 1. made me realize we need discuss her theology and 2. made me laugh hysterically. The lyrics:

"I am the mother of God... and she doesn't mind..."

(Sung to the tune of Psalty's song God is so Good)

Then she changed the words in a Barney song. Not really on purpose. She just doesn't know the right words. I like her version better.

"This one is a circle 'cause it has three sides... But it is still round..."


Hazel was playing with a puzzle and when Amelia tried to join her Hazel said, "Amelia! Don't play with my puzzle! Don't be foolish!"


A few days after we'd been home from the hospital with Jackson, Abiah casually mentioned to me, "Mom, Jackson's privacies are the same as mine...except smaller!"


~elisa smith said...

Your munchkins are too, too funny!!! i wish i'd written more of those goofy kid-isms :). Thanks for sharing yours!

Jodi said...

gosh I love these posts! :)