Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'Til My Sides Hurt: Amelia Edition

I asked Amelia to bring my nursing cover to me. She looked at Jackson and said, "He not cying, Mom. He good gurl!"


While playing with her toy phone she passionately told me, "Hazo never ever my phone!"


After yelling at Hazel for bossing her around, Amelia starting singing, "I not da boss of me!"


While cleaning up the toys, Amelia ran into the kitchen with a wash cloth on her head chanting, "I 'lil pincess! I 'lil pincess!"


Amelia: "Maga say, 'sthoot!'"

Me: "Maga said shoot?"

A: "Yup. Dat dander!"

M: "That's danger?"

A: "Yup. He say dat gin I gonna fight Maga."

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