Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lack of Something

Christmas Eve morning I let Nathan know that we only had enough coffee for that day and then we would be out (A Christmas Miracle!). Neither of us weere too sad since we were leaving for the weekend and would be able to "get a fix" at the houses we would be at.

However, when Monday rolled around we were both jonesing for a cup of strong coffee. I managed to semi-satisfy my craving with tea (what?) but Nathan had to go without since he won't come within 20ft of tea of any variety.

(I should keep that in mind the next time he suggests we add another member to our family six months after I've just added one...)

Anyways, back to the coffee!

When I asked him to stop for milk on his way home this morning I reminded him we were out of coffee. Apparently he thought I meant doughnuts too because he came home armed with both. He's such a good hubby!

When he went to grind the coffee he grabbed the container we use to put our beans in only to find that it had about 4 cups of beans in it already!

I have no idea why I didn't think to look in the coffee bean canister for coffee beans. It's not like we've not had the same canister for almost six years! Now I know where to look though. Also, we have plenty of coffee!

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LaFonda Dunlap said...

Good job figuring out where the kids hid the coffee! Missing you all, love mom.