Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Kid Laughs Plus A Hubby Laugh

If you remember Hazel is potty training. Today we've had great success. She's been in undies all day (except nap time) and she went #1 &#2 in the potty today.

Trying to encourage this I told her I am so proud of her for going poo in the toilet. Then she told me, "I to proud you, mom, going poo poo in da toiyet.."


Hazel showed me an "owie" on her finger the other morning. Then after sticking her finger in her mouth she let me know, "It not owie. It boogah."


Tonight Nathan and I went on a grocery shopping date. We had a great time together. We don't get out together much and this was a very laid back evening for us. It's amazing how grocery shopping changes when the kids aren't around.

Anyways, on the way home we decided that we needed dessert. Instead of going to a restaurant for ice cream we'd got to a sore a get a gallon that would last longer.

That's what we call frugal spending people.

Well I had to make a detour to the lady's room. Which meant that on the way to the ice cream we passed the bakery. And that's where Nathan forgot about our ice cream mission and got lost in the cakes.

All the cakes looked wonderful so he had a hard time choosing which one he wanted. I didn't really have a preference which made it harder for him. After he narrowed his choices down to two cakes neither of us could make a decision. So we did eni meeni miny mo. It didn't work for Nathan. So he had me assign each cake a number between one and ten. Then he chose a number, which was two, which was the exact number I gave the Oreo cake.

The lady in the bakery place our cake in a box, placed a removable price label on the top, and sent us on our way. Then Nathan remembered the ice cream. That choice was easy though. Vanilla.

So after 10 minutes of choosing a cake and getting ice cream we went to the self check out line to pay. Then when Nathan went to scan his precious, 10 minutes to pick out cake, instead of peeling the REMOVABLE price label off to scan it, he tipped the cake on its side!

I slightly freaked out. In a "I'm laughing at you because I can't believe you just did that" sort of way. The cashier at the register next to us started laughing too. Nathan's comment? We're just gonna eat it! And he was right. And only the top was a little smudged.

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