Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An Adult Like Momma

Today Abiah was explaining to Hazel the cycle of life. Well, what he knows about it. He said, "Everyone starts out as a baby. Then they are a kid. Then they are an adult. Like Momma." Inside I'm thinking, "Huh! An adult? Momma doesn't feel like an adult." But, you see, he and I have two very different definitions of that word.

To him that means:
  • Staying up late.
  • Eating chocolate and candy.
  • Drinking soda.
  • Drinking coffee.
  • Driving a car and going wherever you want.
  • Watching adult movies (In our house that means movies he can't watch. Not "Behind The Big Red Curtain" movies.).
  • Eating nachos for lunch instead of burritos (burritos are, in theory, cleaner).
To me that means:
  • Staying up late to regain sanity and finish cleaning up from the day.
  • Feeling guilty over the candy and chocolate consumed an hour after my morning walk.
  • Full responsibility for three kids, one husband, one house and three vehicles .
  • A constantly dirty right shoulder and thigh which, today, is compliments of the a fore mentioned theoretically cleaner burrito and the toddler who sits next to me at the table and uses me as a napkin.
  • Slug like snot trails on my shoulders and legs from children.
  • Loving nap time and bedtime way more than the kids.
  • Missing the kids as soon as they are down for nap time or bed time.
  • Eating nachos instead of burritos because I like the spicy nacho sauce that's too hot for the kids.
Are there split definition words in your house?

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Rachel said...

I LOVE this post! And SOOOO true. And the saddest part is, I remember so clearly being the kid and having that idea about adults.

Wow. I'm old.