Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Day Without Shoes!


I own 18 pairs of shoes.



Especially when I hear of those who go without shoes every day and contract diseases because of it. Diseases that could be cured by a pair of shoes!

Join me as I participate in Kari's challenge to go A Day Without Shoes.

  • if you join in the fun
  • and find you have a few pairs of gently used shoes you can get rid of
  • and you live in the Portland area
My mom and her friend just bought a resale boutique in West Linn and they are taking shoe donations for the Japan Tsunami victims. You can find them at:

Maggie's Magnolia Boutique
19155 Willamette Dr
West Linn, OR 97068

I'm curious. Leave a comment with the amount of shoes you own. Were you surprised like me?


Din said...

Well, mine's full. :)

You beat me. I have 17! I think I'll donate 3 of them to Mom though.. so technically only 14 are mine. ;)

pistolsnprincesses said...

After I counted mine and donated to World Vision I threw 2 pairs out and I have 2 others pairs to donate to mom's shop. I'm going through the girl's old shoes too. They have so many pairs that they couldn't wear because their feet are too chubby. :)

Kari Patterson said...

24! But then a friend challenged me to count my slippers so maybe it's 25. :) So fun to do this together!!

Nikki said...

I have 35 shoes. Yikes!
BUT a lot, as in over half, of them have been given to me and three pairs are TOMS.

Unknown said...

Your mom now has a resale boutique? I'll try to remember that next time I clean out my closet. I wish I had known earlier! I just got rid of five pairs of shoes. I do have quite a few shoes now...my excuse has always been I had one pair per year growing up, so now I have multiple styles. But in the winter I really just need two pair -- black boots, brown boots.