Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorite Things Friday Kid's Edition: Books

It's no secret that I love books. I could live in a library. As long as it had a cafe of course.

I've tried and am trying to instill my love of reading in my children. One way is by surrounding them with a zillion books to browse and read. I also try to read to them as often as I can. They, of course, have favorites that we have read so many times we've memorized them and the bindings are coming loose.

There are a few favorites, though, that have caused me to stifle my giggles.

The first was a favorite of Amelia's when she was about two. My MIL got the book for the kids thinking Abiah would especially like it because it was a narrative about Daniel Boone. No one ever assumed that the two year old would be the one to drag it out everyday over and over.

She had very little patience, though, for the actual story. She just wanted us to turn the pages until we got to this one:

She would point her chubby finger and say, "Buns! Him's buns is sowing!"

The next book is a favorite of Jackson's. I bought it at a resale/antique store this last fall because it is old and I thought we could incorporate it into our schooling or family time. It's called Wise Words for Little People. It was written in the late 80's.So, never mind. It's not old. It's very young.

When I started reading it to the kids I was so happy. Every little story is based on an encouragement or admonition from the book of Proverbs. My kids loved it and they could understand how the Proverb applied to them.

I never thought Jackson would catch on to this book so early. This is the story he wants me to read the most:

"If you're acting naughty, Your parents may spank you. But when you get older, You'll want to say, 'Thank you!'

You can see in the picture that Little Bear is getting into the medicine cupboard. Here's what happens next:

Yup. Little Bear is getting a spank. I think Jackson is drawn to this story because he's been in Little Bear's shoes. Of course after the spank Mommy and Little Bear hug and kiss. I'm sure Mother Bear is saying, "I don't want to spank you, but I can't let you be disobedient. I love you very much. Please obey Mommy." Which Jackson is also familiar with.

Books are a lovely thing.

What are some of your family favorites?

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Cindy Fincher said...

Oh My goodness! Such a cute picture of your boy. I really like the book about Proverbs too. If my kiddos were younger that would be a winner in my house.