Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Christmas Pajamas 2013 and traditions

I was at a Christmas party recently where guests were asked to share a Christmas family tradition. Since we are really still a young family we don't have many traditions yet. Only in the last few years have we done a whole Christmas Eve and Christmas day with just our little clan so we are still creating those traditions. I think I shared the tradition that you'll see in this post; the kids in their Christmas Eve pajamas.

As others were sharing I remembered a childhood tradition but I didn't have time to share it at the party so I thought I would share it here. Because it's that good.

Growing up our family had quite a few traditions. Some we loved and some we have been okay letting go of. This one falls in the middle. Our Great Grandma, or Old Old Grandma as we called her, lived in Idaho and so every year she sent presents. She would call our mom early in the fall, ask our ages and sizes, and then drive herself to Sears and buy us clearance underwear... from the women's department. Big, taupe granny panties.

Our family's tradition was to open presents from our out of state family on Christmas Eve and then presents and stockings from our parents on Christmas morning. We all have strong, humorous memories of the anticipation and dread of opening Old Old Grandma's gifts.

We anticipated finding out who got the largest most hideous pair that year, but we dreaded knowing what we were getting. Because it wasn't just a monstrous pair of granny panties that we were receiving. We also received the privilege of  returning said underwear to Sears in after-Christmas crowds, getting an in-store credit of $4.95 per child and then trying to figure out what the heck you could buy with $4.95 from Sears. Plus the humiliation of returning huge taupe granny panties.

Needless to say, we were all pleased when Old Old Grandma started sending $5 checks in individually labeled envelopes.

I've thought about hiring someone to send my kids huge taupe granny panties just because the memory is such a fun one, but for now we'll start with new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

This year I wrapped all four sets in one box and included some candy and popcorn and we had a movie night after the kids got changed into their new pj's. We watched White Christmas. It was the kids' first time and I think we'll add that to our tradition.

So, to continue on with the picture tradition (although this year we didn't have a tree).

Christmas 2011
Christmas 2012

Christmas 2013
They are all so big! And wonderful! What are some of your traditions? Maybe we can borrow some. :)


Terence Wright said...

That's funny!! When we were kids we had almost the same thing, except with whitey tighty's. Only difference is our great Grandma was always there so we had to act excited. Oh, and they were never the right size, even if we wanted to wear them.

Jodi said...

hahaha, what a funny childhood tradition! That would have been hilarious to tell at the party :) I love how you did your pj's all in the same box with popcorn, candy and a movie... maybe I'll borrow YOUR tradition!