Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why we don't do Halloween...a few weeks late.

So, HH and I have gone back and forth over the last few years about our family's involvement in Halloween.  Both of us grew up in homes that took a back seat on the 31st of October, but, like with most things, we have to figure out what we want for our family.

Amelia's Lady Gaga costume

Cowgirl Chinna
While HH has his definite reasons for us to not be involved, every year I hear about and see the cute pictures of all my friends kiddos plastered all over facebook and I just want to join in the fun! But every year the whole Satan's holiday thing trumps the whole cute kids dressed up thing and we choose to have a pizza/candy/movie party at his parents. And we have a ton of fun!

Hunting guy and girl

Abiah's Christopher Robin costume
This year as November 1st dawned and I groggily tried to wake from my candy induced comma, I decided to wake myself up with a little facebook stalking. Browsing through all the pictures of kids and the comments from the parents about stealing trick-or-treat candy from their children, I once again wondered why we don't do this.


Ballerina/Butterfly catcher

At that moment my girls, who had just gotten dressed for the day, came into the family room in new clothes. The ones the usually wear all day, every day. Their dress ups. And they started begging for breakfast. And I suddenly knew why we don't do Halloween.

Hazel in Daddy's underware

Hazel's Lady Gaga #1

In our house everyday is Halloween. All of my kids prefer dress up clothes to normal, everyday clothes. And all day everyday they beg me for food and if I don't hurry up and get them what they want they whine and fuss...which is the worst trick a mom has to endure.

Hazel's Lady Gaga #2

The Weeping Fairy

Hunting Girl
So basically, we get the fun side of Halloween without all of the scary stuff. Except for the whining. That's not fun and sometimes it's definitely scary.

Hunting Guy

The Three Amigos

The Fairy Godfather
 So, next year when the end of October rolls around and everyone starts talking about their cute kids and all the candy they scored, I'll head to my in-laws with my cute kids and we'll eat pizza and candy and watch a movie or make a fall craft enjoying our quiet evening.

Jackson started wearing his sisters princess high heels.

So we got him some "man boots."


Chubby Hunting Guy
 I'll give you guys Halloween...'cause I get the rest of the year. I'm generous like that.

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Steadyongal said...

Good job coming to your own peace about Halloween! Even better job making the chubbiest most adorable babies ever! They're all awesomeness! :)