Monday, March 12, 2012

'Til My Sides Hurt

The girls were playing house and HH over heard this conversation:

Amelia: Moder, why do I have to go to school?

Hazel: Because I'm a ridiculous mother!

I'm glad she understands the importance of education. Of course now they are using that response for the answer to all commands.

Hazel: "Come here! I'm a ridiculous mother and I said come here!"

Amelia's turn being mom: "Honey, go to bed. I'm a 'diculous moder and I said go to bed!"

So maybe it's not their view on education as much as it's their view of motherhood. Great. Who'd they get that from?


Before HH there was one other man besides my dad who played a staring role in my life. My Uncle Steve. Uncle Steve is my dad's best friend from high school. He was a constant in our lives, entertaining us with silly songs and an Uncle-like relationship of teasing and affection.

Between the four of us girls he has stories of laughter, tears, and sweet relationship. In the story I often hear him tell on me I'm perched on his lap facing him when I look in his eyes, smile real big, and with a laugh I announce, "I'm gonna bite your nose!"

This last week Uncle Steve's two daughters came to stay with me as I recovered from a little surgical procedure. After we drove the girls home we were standing in their driveway visiting when Uncle Steve started teasing and tickling Hazel, who was in the back of the van.

Through her laughter she pleaded that he stop. In true Uncle Steve fashion he asked, "Or what?" And Hazel said, "Or I'm gonna poke your eyes out and smoosh them!"

I laughed so hard I was holding my stomach (thank you surgery for sore muscles). Thankfully Uncle Steve has history with feisty little four year old girls.


~elisa smith said...

At least she doesn't have an "available-house" yet...hehe!
Love your lil feelas :)

LaFonda Dunlap said...

I love this! You would think that Uncle Steve would have learned his lesson by now!!! Make sure you forward this to him. He would love it too!

Steve Wynne said...

I knew I was on dangerous ground when I asked the question but dang, she is so much like her mom at that age, that I had to know what was going on behind those twinkling eyes.

Uncle Steve

pistolsnprincesses said...

Uncle Steve, At least she didn't poke you in the belly button!