Saturday, May 8, 2010

Confessions of a SAHHM

I love my kids. They make my heart sing and dance. I love my front row seat watching them grow and change. Being a part of that is an amazing experience.

But I know that a vital reason my kids are enjoyable is due to the day-in, day-out training they receive in the 24 hour/7days a week care they are given. Though I know I fail them repeatedly, if I'm honest with myself there are times when I'm maybe a little too consistent. (Is that possible?)

It's this consistent need to get up off my keester or drop what I'm doing every three to five minutes to follow through with correction that I desire refuge from. It wears me down until I find myself at the end of the day yearning for bedtime, a glass of wine, and a box of chocolates. Most days I wonder if I'm not living a Groundhog Day.

I say the same things, and correct the same behaviors. I make the three meals, hand out the snacks, read the same books, and play the same movies. I wash the same dishes, fold the same clothes, and clean up the same messes.

Though this post may seem like a You're the World's Greatest Mom, Happy Mother's Day To Me, it's not. I have a confession to make and a question to ask.

I'll just get straight to the point.

Confession: Though I always want my children to be obedient and respectful, when I am gone and they are with Nathan I secretly hope that they are as demanding in the area of training as they are for me.

This never applies to others who watch them. When my kids are with anyone else I find myself more worried for the babysitter than about the babysitter.

But when they are with their daddy I want to walk in the door and have him run to meet me with an exclamation of, "Baby, now I know how you feel. What I don't know is how you do it! Honey, you're my hero!"

Clarification: My kids are good kids. They are just kids. And it takes a lot of work to grow up kids who are obedient and respectful.

Now, my question: Am I the only mom who harbors this deranged desire? Be honest. Leave your answers below.

And don't judge me.


RoxAnne said...

I so totally can agree with you! I'm still in it. I admit they are a bit older but the record keeps playing over and over...yes like Ground Hog Day ~ my version. :)

Rachel said...

No. It ticks me off to no end that Ali NEVER acts up for Chris. NEVER. He has hardly ever had to discipline her, because she never needs it with him. It makes me feel like the bad guy and it stinks.

I feel ya!! :)

pistolsnprincesses said...

That is one of my constant complaints to Nathan also, Rachel. The kids are so much better when he's around. I did go out by myself today and when I called home I admit I smiled when I heard him correcting and re-correcting the kids.

It's so nice to know that I'm not in this by myself, Ladies!

Brian & Rachel Davis said...

Yessiree, it is twistedly satisfying when they're rotten for him... like "NOW he can truly appreciate me!" Brian is a hard-working man whom I love and respect and adore... but still I feel this way. Rotten me! :-D

LaFonda Dunlap said...

Well, I just want to add a little note stating that you are an amazing mother. Thank you for all the loving care (WORK) you put into your children. This is the reason they are so enjoyable!
These days may be behind me but not far enough for me to forget how much a mother gives everyday. I now get to enjoy the fruit of yours and your sisters' labor of love. It does pay off just look in the mirror! I couldn't be more proud!