Sunday, June 21, 2009

We couldn't ask for anything more.

Due to technical difficulies this post was pubished a day late.

During the four years that Nathan and I have been married the past three have been spent as parents. As a husband he is my support, a gentle leader, my best friend, my romancer, a faithful provider and he loves me unconditionally (and sometimes there are a lot of conditions). As a partner through this journey of parenting he is my example, my strength, my protector and my coffee/chocolate provider.

To Abiah he is Daddy, Protector, Halo Buddy, Hunting/Fishing Buddy, Wrestling Opponent, Teacher, Everything.

To Hazel he is Daddy, Protector (mostly from brother), Horsey, Encourager, Everything.

To Amelia he is Daddy, Snuggle Buddy, Protector (mostly from sister), Everything.

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LaFonda said...

I love Nathan and have to say he is all that, and more. He is a perfect fit for our Queen of everything!